High Wall flat mainspring and mount

Not castings - fully machined and heat treated.

Available June 2017 - mounting dovetail block and screw.  Note this is NOT a replacement screw for the weird-thread originals.

- Spring alone - $38.50.

- Mount block (color-case-hardened) and screw - $26.40.

     (plus shipping)

Remington 37 single-shot adapter

- Replaces the magazine to allow single-shot use.

- True originals are relatively scarce (and not nearly as nice).

- $104.50 plus shipping.

Ballard Mainsprings

- Fully machined - not castings.

- Traditional version $28.60 plus shipping.

- Roller-tip version $39.60 plus shipping.

Fore-end hanger hardware

- Dovetail is oversized in one direction, for fitting if necessary.

- Deep escutcheon (to be trimmed to match the wood).

- 10-32 thread standard - also available as 8-32; inquire.

- $12.10 plus shipping.

Checkering Tool

- Takes the below checkering tips (Tips NOT included).

- Tip is adjustable for angle.

- Overall length 7".

- $33.00 plus shipping.

Please note that I am not any sort of woodworker or stockmaker, so I don't generally know how these are used, what cutters are better, or even much of the terminology of the subject.  I just make 'em!

Checkering Tips

- Modeled after the old Gunline products.

- Also fits W.E. Brownell "full-view" checkering handles.

- Spacing cutters (double-line with 2-teeth) are available in 16, 18, 20, 22, 24. 26, 28 and 32 LPI.

- Single-line cutters are 60°, 75° or 90° angles.

- D-2 tool steel with EDM wirecut teeth, so they are completely burr-free.

- And stamped with the size or angle so they don't get mixed up!

- $34.10 each, any type.

Note - like any cutting tool, these cutters have a lifespan and they will wear. (I sometimes measure metal-cutting tool life in minutes, but that's another story.)  Realistically though, a $200-500 checkering job, on a $2000-5000 rifle, should support a $34 cutter!

3-line Checkering Tips

- Available in 18, 20, 22, 24. 26, and 28 LPI.

- D-2 tool steel with EDM wirecut teeth, so they are completely burr-free.

- Stamped with the size so they don't get mixed up!

- $36.30 each.

- 32 LPI available mid-March 2018

Trapdoor Gripcaps

- Hidden pivot pin, simple drill-hole inletting, two cover styles.

- Two sizes now available (May 2018).

- Measures 1.250" x 1.675" over the elliptical shape (larger) and 1.125" x 1.550" (smaller).

- Flat lid $192.00, domed lid $203.00, in steel to be color-cased or blued.

- Stainless steel or brass (very limited qty. at present), $209.00 flat or $220.00 domed.