Clamp-on scope rail

This rail clamps onto the dovetail found on many European target rifles, making it possible to mount an American-type scope without the need to drill holes.  The rail and clamps are black-anodized aluminum; the blocks are black-finished steel.

Price: $121.00 with socket-head screws; $137.50 with the "nice" slotted-head screws.  Plus shipping.

Now available - the unfinished steel version, for engraving and/or color-casing.  Black-finished steel clamps.  $165.00 w/socket head, $181.50 w/slotted head.

Winchester/Wollensak 8X scope adapters

This adapter set allows using these slightly odd scopes with standard scope blocks. It is a friction-clamp only, so not suitable for heavy recoil.

Price: $33.00 per set plus shipping.

Offset mounts

These mounts are for shooting right-handed but left-eyed.  They clamp onto standard scope blocks on the barrel.  They are available in three offset distances: 2.25", 2.50", or 2.75".  The mount is black-anodized aluminum, the block is blackened steel, and the clamping knob is color-case hardened. 

Price: $137.50 per set plus shipping.

Bennett patent offset mounts

These mounts are duplicates of the ones patented by Bennett in 1910, for use on '03's and lever guns.  They are specifically for use with Winchester A5 scopes - they are NOT compatible with Lyman or Unertl scopes.  Offset distance is 3/4".  The mount is blackened steel, and the clamping screw is heat treated and black finished.

Price: $192.50 per set

Clamp screw is compatible with original Winchester A5 scopes.  Available separately - $5.50 each.

Scope mount rails for the Browning 1885 rifles

These are for the Miroku-made high-wall-type rifles.  It uses the existing receiver and barrel mount holes, and cantilevers the front scope mount out over the barrel.

See Texas Mac's website for further information on these rifles.  http://www.texas-mac.com/

 - Will take either standard or Posa mounts. Will also accept Winchester "A" or "B" type mounts.

 - Two versions available - BPCR or "sporting".

 - Winchester low-wall version has been discontinued. Too many height variants to try to accommodate.

Price with screws - $88.00 plus shipping.

Scope mount rails for the Remington 700 and 40X

These are for the "short action" 700's.  This rail uses the existing receiver mount holes, and cantilevers the front scope mount out over the barrel.

Available in either "standard" or "Posa" versions.  The Posa one is slightly longer, and will accommodate the standard mounts as well.

 - Note newer production (2019) will be the combination standard/Posa type only.

Price with screws - $88.00 plus shipping.

Remington 37 rear sight mount (for original Remington sight)

This is the longer "later" version, as available as an option from Remington.  Color-cased.  Screws (included) are 6-40.

Price with screws - $35.20

Picatinny - to - Unertl adapter

Clamps onto a Picatinny rail, to allow mounting Unertl-type scopes.  Standard crescent cut on one side and Posa cut on the other side.

Price per set (pair) - $74.80

BSA Martini rear sight mount

For use with the Parker-Hale (I believe...) sights.  Black finish.  Screws (included) are the original pattern 10-32 with the odd head shape.

Price with screws - $28.60